A Decentralized Space Trading Game

Orbiter 8 is a casual game dapp designed by Partavate Studios for the Ethereum blockchain network.

Stylishly Accessible
Easy to play, challenging to master.
Dynamic World
Exploring the galaxy creates it.
Massively Multiplayer
We all trade in the same galaxy.
On-Chain Gameplay
Turn-based with a casual pace.
Token Integrity
Only gameplay can improve NFTs.
Open Access
Play with any client, build your own.

Development Roadmap

We are producing four public demos on our path to completing an MVP for Orbiter 8.

Demo 1: Stars

Status: Completed
Dynamic Star Map Generation
Released: January 2019

Demo 2: Bodies

Status: Completed
Ownable Celestial Objects
Released: March 2020

Demo 3: Trade

Status: In Development
Currency Trade and Upgrades
Releasing: 2021
Coming Soon

Demo 4: War

Status: Preproduction
Battle for Galactic Domination
Releasing: 2021-2022
Coming Less Soon

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Built for Ethereum

Orbiter 8 is a distributed application
for the Ethereum Blockchain Network