Orbiter 8 Alpha Demo 3 Now Online!

...Explore the galaxy.
...Trade for profit.
...Build an empire.
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Demo 3 has tons of new features!

Building on the dynamically generating star systems introduced in Demo 1 and the claimable celestrial bodies of Demo 2, we're excited to announce new features in Demo 3:

Trading System: Move goods between space ports and earn credits.
Galactic Chat: Broadcast in-game messages to the entire galaxy.
Planet Upgrades: Build your own space station and earn passive credits on every trade.
Ship Upgrades: Modify your ship for greater cargo capacity.
ERC 20 Support: Exchange your game credits on open exchanges like SushiSwap.
ERC 721 Support: Trade your planets on open NFT markets like OpenSea.
Snazzy Interface: Enjoy a refreshed UI with new menus, settings, and quick links galore.
Responsive Design: Play on the go in portrait mode for mobile devices.
Great Tunes: Enjoy new music and sound effects from StockMusic.net
Network Mobility: Play on any EVM networks: Ropsten, Rinkeby, Polygon, or Binance


Runs on Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible networks.


Works best with the Metamask wallet plugin.


Trade planets and ships as NFTs on the OpenSea marketplace.

Sushi Swap

Swap game credits on the Sushi Swap exchange.


Available on the Binance Smartchain test network.


Available on the Polygon Mumbai test network.